About the film

“Living with Climate Change: A Story of Many Told by a Few’ explores the knowledge, skills and practices relating to sustainability in the Burmese, Indian, Sudanese and Vietnamese communities in the City of Brimbank, which is the second largest municipality in Melbourne and the largest in the Western Region of Melbourne.
Part of a project that examines the potential impacts of climate change on the municipality’s highly diverse communities, the film acknowledges the embedded knowledge of Brimbank's diverse community members around issues of adaptation to or mitigation of climate change.
Many people in Brimbank have lived previously in communities where they have experienced a shortage of water, gas, electricity or water and have learnt useful practices to live sustainably – such as growing their own fruit and vegetables and using resources carefully.

‘Living with Climate Change: A Story of Many Told by a Few’ invites the viewer to engage with five individual stories and experiences showcasing the various sustainable practices adopted.

The film project has engaged over 60 individuals from diverse backgrounds in interviews and focus groups.
Brimbank City Council will use the information gathered to develop broader education and engagement programs relating to climate change for the wider community.
The data collected through this project will be analysed by Brimbank City Council’s Coordinator Community Planning, Ms Kath Brackett, who is undertaking post-graduate studies on this topic.

   For more information on the City of Brimbank, visit www.brimbank.vic.gov.au

The film was commissioned by and produced for Brimbank City Council in October 2012. | Film production by Wind & Sky Productions in collaboration with designscope.